13th. Iteration

This is the 13th. major version of this homepage and yes - I'm going back to a static page generator with blogging capabilities. You might want to read this short summary behind the rationale.

Let's start with the obvious: I use Nikola and a Jinja-based theme for my employer's webpage - I totally love the simplicity and versatility and recommend using Nikola to everyone. With that out of the way, guess which system this page might be build upon...

The boring: in regards to my page, I never wanted to bother writing or maintaining a huge platform. I had sorts of a business-card, with links to external pages (see the image below). After all tech related articles, tutorials and knowledge get stale quite fast, and design-wise I really liked the minimalistic solution.

The idea now is to adjust the canterville mako-based theme to build a small hub on the mainpage. That hub should link to different contents from different platforms.


Nowadays, I'm active on different sites. Some see more activity, many see less, as the initial engagement faded or the platform is not relevant to my day-to-day work anymore. I'm no big open source contributor, not a great photographer nor a great writer - sry!

You might find some minor stuff at the usual spots like Bitbucket, Github and Gitlab. Beyond that, I gathered the most cohesive technical information in a TIL: Today I learned repository at gitlab. It can be comfortably viewed at dalcacer.gitlab.io/til.

My vitae and some contributions to publications can be found at Linkedin, Xing and Researchgate.

And as Twitter is fading out (isn't it?), I like to engage with friendly people at Mastodon or share photographs at Pixelfed. Also I scratched my tumblr account with this iteration.

In the near future: I could imagine to share travel impression and photos on this page, too.