13th. Iteration

This is the 13th. major version of this homepage and yes - I'm going back to a static page generator with blogging capabilities. You might want to read this short summary behind the rationale.

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Dorian on

LXC backup

Current This solution still works remarkably good.

Additionally to a duply-driven approach, we wanted to backup our LXC containers remotely in an archive.

The following approach was taken from stackoverflow and was tailored to our needs.

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Uberspace U7 mail filter

Outdated This article is marked outdated. Also, I moved to mailbox.org.

With the upcoming uberspace 7 the guys at uberspace introduced a new environment with various changes in comparison to u6 (see u7 changelog).

One major aspect is the deprecation of dpsam and spamassassin (which I just managed to setup flawlessly :). However, with U7.1 spam is now handled globally via rspamd.

The following post will show a server-side mail filter that sorts spam, newsletters and service-emails into dedicated folders.

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